Saturday, 28 April 2018

CORDUROY - Saturday Club

Every once in a long while, a song appears from nowhere to capture the heart and soul of would-be music lovers, beaten to the ear bone by karaoke chart crooners and auto-tuned bedroom rap, waiting for fresh and exciting sounds to recapture the life affirming joy that only really great music can offer; Saturday Club is such a song. Corduroy are truly back!

This, the second track to materialize from the much anticipated Return Of The Fabric Four album (see earlier post for Magic Mountain) is an effortless mod-drenched celebration of the weekend and all those who live for it. 

Driven throughout by a relentless, Louis Louis-esque electric piano riff, British R&B guitar chords, vintage drumming and bass licks from heaven, the vocal is euphoric and soulful .... and then there's the middle eight; a jazz keyboard solo, skillfully played over guitar power chords. It shouldn't work but it does and it's genius. 

Saturday Club is out now through all the usual digital outlets; we'll have to wait until late May for the vinyl.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

CORDUROY - Magic Mountain

Nineteen years ago one of the seminal bands of the nineties Acid Jazz scene split up; that band was Corduroy. Their story is well documented (see this article for the full history), but the short story is that after countless tours and five studio albums, the band parted company and went their separate ways; never, it was widely assumed, would they return. So when an Acid Jazz Records press release was circulated this week announcing the release of Corduroy's brand new studio album, a great many people were very excited.   

Scheduled for 25th May 2018, Corduroys first studio album for nineteen years is entitled Return Of The Fabric Four.

A full review the album will follow soon, but in the meantime here is a teaser track, available now through the usual digital sources, Magic Mountain.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Buns - My Love (Live in London)

This bloggers favourite band of the moment is the Parisian garage rock duo, The Buns, who are currently promoting an outstanding vinyl album, released on the Well Suspect Records label, called Dangerous; a valve torturing, ear-worm heavy collection that paints a bitter-sweet gloss over toxic relationships.

This video features the melodic pop-rock gem, My Love, played live and raw whilst on a rare visit to London, with a short interview by the band.

Friday, 22 September 2017

THE BUNS - Dangerous

The Buns began life playing 'garage secretarial rock' in the basement clubs of home-town Paris, armoured from the norm by pencil skirts, rouge paint and with hair tightly knotted in bouffant buns; they attracted a lot of attention, especially with fans of vintage styles and sounds.
      The duo quickly progressed from sweat heavy dives to guest appearances in French stadiums, and a coveted slot on the seminal garage rock compilation on Well Suspect Records, DIRTY MOD; the track in question was Thrill Me Up, a lyric from which inspired the title of The Buns' U.K debut album, a frantic roller coaster ride of glam punk, and earthy garage rock, DANGEROUS.

The LP includes the best of the groups earlier 'Mad Men' glamour period, plus the current rock-chic snarl captured to tape by Liam Watson at Toe Rag studio.

The Buns are touring Europe throughout the autumn of 2017; but with only one London date, the LP launch show at Hackney's trendy rock pub, The Stags Head, with support from Dave's Doors of Perception and The Gallerys; a video from which is here.

Dangerous is available now from Well Suspect Records, and hits the shops Oct 13th.

Track listing:

Side 1.
Thrill Me Up.
Bye Bye Chéri.
Stockholm. (Video below).
Better Than Nothing.
Over Me.
Spoilt Brat.
Side 2.
One More Shot.
My Love.
Hey Stranger.
Learn How To Lie.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Millions - 'Lucky'

Since relocating to London, the Australian garage-rock four-piece, Millions, have supported Squeeze at The Albert Hall, The Dune Rats at the uber trendy London Moth Club and Camden Dingwalls, plus headlining their own record launch show at Nambucca, with support from respected indie tune-smiths Mono Club and Half Loon; plus festival sets at Glastonbury, the Joy and Hope festival.

The band made their U.K debut on Well Suspect Records with four tracks on a vinyl seven inch E.P; released in June 2017 called 'Let It Go'. The follow up is another four track psychedelic rock offering, featuring the live favourite, Those Girls, re-recorded with extra growl, with a 'Spotify single', 'Lock And Key' going live shortly before the release proper on August 25th (see video below).

The E.P cover features an exclusive artwork by south London artist Gaurab Thakali, a piece
that resonates with Millions; the band's hometown is Brisbane, known as 'Bris-Vegas' … to those who feel 'Lucky'.